Which Ice Pack is Best for Your Back?

With so many ice packs and cold wraps being sold online, it's easy to get lost in the search for the best product. Websites such as eBay and Amazon are offering thousands of products, all of which are making wild claims and ludicrous offers. So, which is the best product for your injured back? Below, a list of our reviews and tests of the products we found for back injuries, and the real ratings we think they should get.


One Size Fits All?

Everyone implies that their ice pack is superior, but are they really? It's confusing trying to find the right products for a "one size fits all" world. We have compiled a list of qualities that someone would generally look for in an ice pack to help with all of the confusion. Click here for a no-fail guide on what to look for in gel packs.

King Brand Back ColdCure Wrap☆☆☆☆☆

Comfortable and High Quality Wrap$59.99 - $64.95

King Brand Back ColdCure Wrap

The wraps offered by King Brand had the best performance, quality and treatment by far. This 'ColdCure' Back Wrap was made from a very comfortable, neoprene fabric and offered complete coverage for any type of back injury. It came with multiple gel backs for a non-stop cold therapy treatment and each of the gels had exceptional cold capacity. The wrap itself seemed to be made from high quality materials and didn't feel like a burden to wear. it was hard finding any flaws in this product and the King Brand Wrap was well deserving of our first place award.

Wraps Offered At: kingbrand.com

King Brand Large Body ColdCure Wrap ☆☆☆☆

Extreme Size for Extreme Cooling$98.00 - $100.00

King Brand Large Body ColdCure Wrap

The King Brand 'ColdCure' Large Body Wrap is extreme in every way. Extreme size, extreme cooling, extreme compression and extreme coverage. Like the King Brand Back Wrap, the cold capacity of the gels in this product is very impressive, and the materials are comfortable and high quality. The very large size makes your back quickly feel relief. However, with greater size comes greater price, and the King Brand Large Body Wrap is by far the most expensive in our list. In many cases, it is worth considering spending a bit more on this wrap to get the extreme size and results that it guarantees.

Wraps Offered At: kingbrand.com


ACE Compress Back Wrap Cold/Hot ☆☆☆

Reliable But Not Exceptional Performance$15.46 - $27.65

ACE Compress Back Wrap Cold/Hot

The ACE Compress Back Wrap has decent performance, satisfied the most basic needs and didn't contain any significant flaws. However, the ACE Back Wrap didn't offer anything unique either, and the gel pack would easily slip out from its pocket. As a result, the compression and coverage of this wrap was not the strongest. The cold capacity is okay, but also not the best. To conclude, the ACE Back Wrap has very mediocre performance, making it an option to consider if you are concerned about price.

Wraps Offered At: amazon.com

Pro Ice Lumbar Low Back Wrap ☆☆☆

Big Wrap, Tiny Treatment Area$49.36 - $59.95

Pro Ice Lumbar Wrap

Don't be fooled by pictures of the wrap that will lead you to believe you're going to get lots of cold coverage. While the Pro Ice Lumbar Wrap is quite large, the ice inside the wrap only covers a disappointingly small area. It seems like such a waste of fabric to limit the ice itself to such a small portion of the wrap. This means that the affected area of your back will only receive a fraction of the cold treatment it needs. The wrap itself is comfortable and fits well. The small amount of cold that's provided also lasts long enough for a decent treatment. Ultimately, the small coverage zone is a huge deal breaker for the price.

Wraps Offered At: amazon.com

FlexiKold Gel Cold Pack (Oversize 13" x 21.5") ☆☆☆

Fragile Leaky Product$27.99 - $40.00

FlexiKold Back Ice Pack

Sifting through the reviews for this seemingly great Back Ice Pack, we have found numerous reviews that not only is this product a non-returnable item, but the seam splits and the gel leaks out everywhere. Here is a review straight from Amazon:FlexiKold Leaks

Wraps Offered At: Amazon.com

LEADSTAR Back Ice Gel Pack ☆☆☆

Fragile Hot and Cold Pack$22.99 - $53.57

Leadstar Back Ice Gel Pack

This Ice Pack boasts multi purpose characteristics. It can be warmed up in the microwave as well as frozen, and can be used on lots of different parts of the body. This sounds intriguing and extremely useful until you attempt to warm it up the first time. Reviews through Amazon show that smoke comes out of the microwave after warming it up, as well as little holes develop in the plastic casing, allowing the gel to seep out. But it's not all bad! Because of its shape and flexibility, it can cover many injuries. Most of the reviews say that it's a great little cold pack. Stick to cold!

Wraps Offered At: amazon.com

Pro Series Ice Wrap - Lower Back ☆☆

Bulky & Leaky$34.99 - $49.99

Pro Series Ice Wrap - Lower Back

If you would like to recline or lie down during your treatments, this is not the product for you. It is extremely bulky and sticks pretty far out the back. It even makes sitting uncomfortable. The worst part about this product though was the leaking. It started leaking around the seal after only several uses. If you don't notice it leaking early on in treatment, it can lead to a huge mess. Unfortunately, nothing seems to work to fix the leaking problem. This product gets pretty cold, which is good. However, you need to wear a layer of clothing under it to avoid freezer burns on the skin. Use with caution!

Wraps Offered At: proseriesusa.com

Elasto-Gel Lumbar-Back Wrap ☆☆

Gel Moves Around$43.90 - $91.09

Elasto-Gel Lumbar-Back Wrap

This wrap is definitely not worth the price. It only stays cold for a maximum of 15 minutes, and when it is cold, it's not nearly cold enough. While the wrap isn't uncomfortable, it's made of a satin-like material that the Velcro tends to catch on, causing the material to pull. It doesn't take many uses for this wrap to look like you've had it for years. The biggest negative though is the fact that the gel won't stay put. No matter what, it flows away from the injured area to other areas of the pack. As for the heat, it diminishes even faster than the cold, lasting only 10 minutes at a time.

Wraps Offered At: amazon.com

Comfort Gel Pack (10x15 Size) ☆

Low Quality Gel Prone to Leaks$10.15 - $12.95

Comfort Gel Pack (10x15 Size)

Though the low price and large coverage area may make this ice pack look appealing, there are many problems in this product that do not make the purchase worth the hassle. One of the largest flaws with this ice pack is it's tendency to tear and spring a leak. The film around the gel is very thin and easy to rip or tear. The internet is filled with reviews talking about how this gel pack began leaking within days of the purchase. In addition to this, the pack is very stiff and uncomfortable to use when frozen. This product is not worth purchasing for any price until those flaws are resolved. It is a great BETA attempt, and we look forward to seeing the next rendition for lots of improvements.

Wraps Offered At: amazon.com

Where to Buy

The above mentioned wraps are available in many places. Some popular sites that carry many different ice packs for your back injury needs are Amazon, eBay and Walmart. Also some of the wraps companies had their own websites for their products such as theKing Brand Products. Unfortunately, we could not find an back ice pack at Walgreens and did not find any Target ice packs.

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The term BFST stands for Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy and it was created by King Brand Health Care. Blood flow is very important to help heal injuries, and after years of research and development they have come up with a product that does just what it says. No other company can match what King Brand does. They are the only company on the market that can directly target injuries at a cellular level with no surgery or doctors visits needed. Of course it's important to visit the doctor when you've injured yourself, but their treatment modalities can be done in the comfort of your own home.

The King Brand forum is a great place to research specific ailments and to figure out whether or not the BFST and ColdCure products can help. Their treatment advisors are constantly posting on forums to help educate people on how to heal their injuries. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, then feel free to take part in their forum by registering.

Just below, is a prime example of the quality customer service that King Brand provides on a daily basis. This is the perfect online community that will help educate, heal and get you back on your feet in no time.

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Can I do back to back BFST treatments on the same area, one after the other?

A customer asked, "Can I do back to back BFST treatments on the same area, one after the other?"

Re: Can I do back to back BFST treatments on the same area, one after the other?

It is ok to do two BFST treatments in a row on the same area, but it will not help you to heal any faster than doing four regular treatments a day. The increase in blood flow lasts approximately four hours after each twenty minute treatment you do with the BFST, which is why about four treatments spaced four hours apart from each other a day is ideal. However, doing back to back treatments with the BFST may help symptomatically with the pain from conditions such as arthritis. To improve the longevity of your BFST, give the device five minutes to cool down in between treatments.

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